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Conférence en anglais / Mommy Brain: Understanding how the brain really changes with parenting

Comprendre le cerveau • Conférence en ligne uniquement • Rennes

Often when we think of the brain and motherhood the narrative is one of a deficiency or loss, particularly of memory, but there is more to the story. Current neuroscience research points to remarkable remodelling and plasticity within the maternal brain that is necessary to learn how to parent and comes with an enhancement in certain cognitive capacities. In fact, we know the brains of all parents change significantly with experience parenting. This presentation will provide an overview of the neuroscience of parenting and how we can reframe ‘Mommy Brain’ based on current neuroscience research.


The prerecorded talk will be available (ONLY) during the Brain Awareness Week on our Youtube Channel (@semaineducerveaurennes6703) and a live online Q&A session with Dr Jodi Pawluski will take place on Thursday night. Register to get the Zoom invite !


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  • 14 mars 2024
  • 20h00-21h00


  • Dr. Jodi Pawluski, Neuroscientist Researcher affiliated with Irset


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  • Inscription gratuite mais obligatoire: https://www.eventbrite.fr/o/semaine-du-cerveau-rennes-12927723006